Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne in the Insidious trailer from Saw creator James Wan

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

SAW creator James Wan is bringing another horror film to the screen, but instead of cutting up people and using creative techniques to torture them, he’s added a more paranormal spin to the movie. Josh and Renai (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) are parents to two cute kiddies and they live in a seemingly harmless house. When one of their kids slips into a coma strange things start to happen and they soon realize that evil spirits are holding their kid hostage in another realm. Sounds ridiculously creepy. INSIDIOUS also stars Barbara Hershey and hits theaters April 1, 2011.

There is no way I would ever see this, but I have a better chance of seeing INSIDIOUS than any of the SAW films so James Wan is at least moving more towards my style. When you’re a wuss and can’t handle horror, you miss out on a lot of good films, but I’m alright with that for the most part.

Barbara Hershey in Insidious

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