Patrick Wilson, Judy Greer and Chloë Sevigny in the Barry Munday trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I have to say, after seeing Patrick Wilson in several serious dramas and in this summer’s THE A-TEAM, I wasn’t expecting him to take on a quirky comedic character like he is in BARRY MUNDAY.  But sure enough, he’s giving it a shot and the results, at least from the first trailer, are mixed.  The film is about a sleazy womanizer (Wilson) that unexpectedly loses his testicles and then soon learns that a woman (Judy Greer) he slept with before the accident is pregnant with his child.  He decides to man up to the responsibility, all the while fending off the advances of her sister (Chloe Sevigny).  While we’re talking about unexpected turns, the underrated Judy Greer goes full makeup as the nerdy, less attractive woman he managed to get pregnant.

As for the trailer itself, I thought it was fun and quirky while he was being a womanizer, then I lost interest as he was trying to be a dad.  I feel like we get a lot of movies where one or both parents are inexperienced, but trying to do good by their kids.  Chris D. Arienzo is directing from a script he wrote.  Watch the trailer here.

Patrick Wilson in Barry Munday

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