Paul Dano teams with Robert De Niro for Another Night in Suck City

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Paul Dano (KNIGHT AND DAY) has just signed on to star opposite Robert De Niro for the Focus Features film ANOTHER NIGHT IN SUCK CITY.  It’s based on the novel entitled Another Bulls**t Night in Suck City written by Nick Flynn. The film will follow Flynn (Dano) as he reconnects with his homeless and alcoholic father who now resides in the same shelter Flynn used to work in. This memoir looks at the homeless situation in the city of Boston. Paul Weitz wrote the screenplay and is set to direct the film. No production schedule has been set.

I think Paul Dano is one of those actors that is going to explode really soon. He’s been taking very strategic roles since his breakout performance in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and very soon I think he’s going to be a household name (which means that people who don’t follow movies know him, I know all my readers know who he is).

Paul Dano

Source: The Wrap

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