Paul Giamatti will stalk Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Paul Giamatti has confirmed that he will be one of the bad guys in David Cronenberg’ s upcoming thriller COSMOPOLIS. In fact he seems a little excited when he states, “I get to stalk him,” that doesn’t sound creepy at all.  It had been reported that Keira Knightley was going to be playing Robert Pattinson’s love interest in the film, but apparently she is still in negotiations and nothing has been confirmed. Shooting is supposed to start sometime in May so hopefully Knightley does indeed stay on board or there may be some delays.

COSMOPOLIS follows a young billionaire and his newly wedded wife. In a 24 hour span, he cheats on her, gets stalked (by Paul Giamatti), is attacked by a protester and ends up losing his entire fortune. That is the worst day I think I’ve ever heard of, but that’s what you get for cheating on your wife Bob Patty.

Paul Giamatti

Source: MTV

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