Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in the first look at This is Forty

I’m completely okay with a spinoff to the 2007 film KNOCKED UP and I like the idea of Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann starring in a film that explores married life at forty.  However, if they even hint that Rudd’s character is considering cheating on his wife and then he realizes how much he loves his wife, I’m walking out of the theater.  Hopefully director Judd Apatow is smart enough to add something different to the genre rather than retread the old beaten path.  With that rant out of the way, today we get our first look at Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in the comedy, courtesy of the LA Times.

They also give us our first glimpse as to what the movie will be about.  Pete’s (Paul Rudd) business is struggling and therefore, Debbie (Leslie Mann) has to help bring in more money.  While speaking about the project, Leslie Mann said: “It’s about getting older. What the hell happened? Am I making all the right choices? Is this where I’m supposed to be? Is this it? All of those dreams that you had when you were young, all of the possibilities, when you lock into marriage and kids, do the possibilities dwindle or go away?”  Sounds like deep stuff, but again, it’s a fine line between rehashing what we’ve seen and doing something fresh that connects with audiences.

THIS IS FORTY also stars Megan Fox, Chris O’Dowd, Melissa McCarthy, John Lithgow, Charlyne Yi, Annie Mumolo, Albert Brooks and a brief cameo from Jason Segel.  The film hits theaters everywhere on December 21st, 2012.

Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann in This is 40

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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