Paul Rudd could be frozen for the first non-documentary feature from Errol Morris

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Paul Rudd has come a long way since his CLUELESS days. Now he’s a household name and a shoe-in for comedy gold. Rudd’s next project is an interesting one from a director I am not well versed in.

It seems that Rudd has signed on for the Errol Morris’ (DARK WIND) untitled film. Morris has not directed a film since 1991 and this will be his first attempt at something in the non-documentary category. The film will be penned by STRANGER THAN FICTION writer Zack Helm and is based on “We Froze the First Man”, a memoir by Robert F. Nelson as well as a THIS AMERICAN LIFE segment titled “You’re Cold as Ice.”

The story will be about the first man to be cryonically preserved. No details were given on the exact role that Rudd would play. He could either be the man who invented the technology or James Bedford, the dying man who was frozen.

Paul Rudd in My Idiot Brother

Source: THR

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