Paul Walker and Genesis Rodriguez star in the Hours trailer

Paul Walker in the Hours trailer

I feel like there are a lot of jokes to be made with the first trailer for the Hurricane Katrina film HOURS.  My first instinct is to clown on Paul Walker‘s acting ability, which is put to the test early on in the trailer.  Look no further than his reaction to the news his wife has died and you’ll get my point.  But then I thought about it and I feel it has to be pointed out that the first film to deal with an event during Hurricane Katrina revolves around a white guy trying to save his daughter.  I’ll let you guys decide what that says about Hollywood.  I can only imagine the film is going to take some heat for that later on.

Along with Paul Walker, the film stars a lot of people you probably haven’t heard of, including Genesis Rodriguez (Sonia from CASA DE MI PADRE), Judd Lormand, Nick Gomez and Kerry Cahill.  HOURS is directed by Eric Heisserer and should hit theaters some time in 2013.

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