Penguins bust a move in the new teaser trailer for Happy Feet 2

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

A teaser trailer for HAPPY FEET 2 IN 3D has been released and if you liked the first one then you’ll probably like this one as well. No plot is revealed but I’m sure a plot isn’t necessary for a film like this. After all, it has a couple basic ingredients for success, first it’s a kids movie, second it has penguins and last Brad Pitt is contributing his voice. HAPPY FEET 2 IN 3D is directed by George Miller and features the voice talents of: Elijah Wood, Pink, Sofia Vergara, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Hank Azaria and Robin Williams.

I think my spouse and I may be the only people on the planet who didn’t enjoy HAPPY FEET. I liked the message (all about saving the environment) but I thought the overall plot and execution was pretty lame. However, I can’t deny that the film deserved a sequel since audiences swooned and if I did have kids I would hop on this, especially since it hits theaters on November 18, 2011. Good idea to put kids films out around this time.

Happy Feet 2 Teaser Trailer

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