Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Ryan in the Jack Goes Boating trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I’m of the belief that Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of, if not the, greatest actors of our generation.  No matter what he does, he manages to bring his characters to life and make the audience so whole-heartedly believe him that it’s a joy to watch anything he does.  His newest film, JACK GOES BOATING has that LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE quirkiness to it, but I’m not sure it has the humor and heart that it had.  The film is about a recluse (Hoffman) that comes out of his shell with the help of his friends and a prospective love interest (Amy Runyan).  I thought it was going to be a quirky romantic comedy, but then it took a serious turn at the end, so I’m not sure what they’re going for.

Along with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Ryan, the film stars John Ortiz and Daphne Rubin-Vega.  Philip Seymour Hoffman is actually directing the film as well from a script by Bob Glaudini.  Watch the trailer here.

Jack Goes Boating

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