Photo of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins on the set of The Hobbit?

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

The spy who was sneaking around the set of Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT earlier this week has revealed another couple of photos, and this time it looks like we’re getting a first (blurry) glance of Martin Freeman who plays the lead hobbit Bilbo Baggins. We also get another backside shot of a different hobbit as well as another unidentified dwarf or hobbit. Maybe our readers can enlighten me a bit and give a clue as to who that other guy is. THE HOBBIT: PART 1 hits theaters in December 2012. As stated before, if you can’t wait til THE HOBBIT makes its way to theaters, you can get your Viggo Mortensen Middle Earth fix this summer when the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy is released on Blu-ray.

I need some kind of boost to get me excited about this film because right now I’m just not feeling it. Maybe when I see a teaser trailer or some actual promotional shots it’ll get my blood pumping but for right now I’m just blah about the whole thing.

Hobbit Set 1

Hobbit Set 2

Hobbit Set 3


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