Pirates of the Caribbean 5 moves forward with script with or without Johnny Depp

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Ever since Disney made the announcement that they were going to do a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5 and 6, they have been slowly gathering the pieces together to begin production.  Although, if they don’t definitely have Johnny Depp on board I really don’t know how they expect this franchise to go on. But I digress.  Today we’re learning that they have secured a screenwriter in Terry Rossio (who worked on the four previous films) and they are working on getting Rob Marshall back to direct. As we mentioned yesterday, Johnny Depp is still considering it but he is not a definite done deal and neither is Rob Marshall.  However, Rossio is a sure go ahead and is probably hard at work on a script as we speak (or will be later on today).

The fourth installment PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN ON STRANGER TIDES, comes out in theaters May 20th, 2011.

Pirates on Stranger Tides

Source: Deadline

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