Pixar releases Toy Story short; Partysaurus Rex online

For those of you that didn’t go see Pixar‘s FINDING NEMO 3D at the theater, and missed out on the new Pixar Toy Story short called “Partysaurus Rex”, then you are in for a treat. In a surprising move, Disney/Pixar has decided to go ahead and release the entire short online for all to see. I don’t know if it’s my favorite Pixar short to date, but it sure is cute and makes me want to revisit the TOY STORY trilogy sooner rather than later.

Pixar’s short “Partysaurus Rex” follows our favorite plastic dinosaur, Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn) who is being given a hard time by the other toys because he’s a “party pooper”. However, Rex turns it all around when he is chosen to go have some bath time fun, and discovers he’s the only one who can keep the party going after tub time is over. Check out the entire Pixar short below.

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