Pixar's Finding Nemo 2 will welcome back Ellen DeGeneres

Pixar's Finding Nemo

Pixar seems to have fallen into the sequel trap just like every other studio on the planet and they have decided to give audiences a second taste of FINDING NEMO. Luckily, Pixar is trying to convince Ellen DeGeneres to return as the voice of the forgetful and lovable fish Dory. However, don’t get your hopes up too high as FINDING NEMO 2 won’t be swimming into theaters until sometime in 2016. It seems like a long ways off but considering Pixar tries to actually make great movies (aside from CARS 2) with an interesting plot and dialogue, it’s not too surprising that they are giving themselves more than enough time to work on FINDING NEMO 2. I’m still curious as to what the plot for FINDING NEMO 2 would look like, because if that father loses his son again I think Pixar will have to bring in social services or something.

If 2016 seems too far away then you’re in luck because Pixar and Disney are re-releasing FINDING NEMO in theaters in 3D no less on September 14th, 2012. (THR)

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