Producer Don Murphy and Cartoon Network are developing a Captain Planet movie

Posted by: Zack Bruce

There’s going to be a live-action CAPTAIN PLANET movie? That’s not going to turn out well. Okay so Captain Planet was only cool for a short while. Even when I was young there was something slightly awkward about the whole thing, especially the Planeteers. Don’t get me wrong– a superhero that wants to clean up and preserve the planet– that’s awesome! But it’s awesome back in the 90s when corny cartoons were still cool. That’s why Captain Planet will always be such a great memory. There’s a time and place for everything.

Cartoon Network has signed a deal with producer Don Murphy to develop a live-action movie for Captain Planet and the Planeteers. President and chief operating officer for Turner Broadcasting System Inc.’s Animation, Stuart Snyder said this about the project, “The messages of Captain Planet are even more relevant today. We feel this team can bring the world’s first eco-hero to life in a powerful motion picture that is not only pertinent but entertaining.” Cringe.

Murphy and partner Susan Montford put in their two cents on the hero as well. “We are extremely excited about bringing the good Captain back to life,” said Murphy.  “His adventures are known worldwide and he is recognized across generations.  We expect to make a spectacular series of films with the amazing team at Cartoon Network.” Montford added, “With the earthquakes, tornadoes, melting icebergs and all the other problems threatening the world right now, Earth really needs her greatest defender.” Double cringe.

This is going to be interesting.

captain planet

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