Project Greenlight winner John Gulager will helm Piranha 3DD written by Saw 3D crew

Posted by: Nathan Swank

The winners of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s final season of Project Greenlight are teaming up again for PIRANHA 3DD (No that is not a typo). This is of course the sequal to the profitable B-movie remake of this summer’s PIRANHA 3D. David Gulager will direct the sequel who since working on the Project Greenlight Dimension film FEAST has also done FEAST II: SLOPPY SECONDS and FEAST III: THE HAPPY FINISH. The screenwriters of all three FEAST films, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, have since done SAW IV, V, VI and The soon to be released SAW 3D. Next step is writing a compelling, silly, fun Pirana movie, which I have no doubt they can do.

I was a huge fan of Project Greenlight but they never did produce a good movie until FEAST. A friend and I actually watched the FEAST trilogy as a late night bad movie marathon. The first one is excellent and a completely underated hidden gem. The other two are morbidly bad but definitely entertainingly memorable with an exquisite directing style. So this news post is probably only exciting for a select few of us out there but I guarantee the cleverly named PIRAHNA 3DD coming August 2011 will be a treat.

piranha 3d

Source: Deadline

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