Quentin Tarantino gets an acting role in Franco Nero's The Angel, the Brute and the Wise

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Usually when Quentin Tarantino makes a film, he has to have some sort of role in it. You can’t really blame the guy. If you made movies that were as cool as his, you’d want to be in them too. There are occassions when the director takes roles in other films, for example, Takashi Miike’s SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO.

Now Tarantino may be getting involved with another western from iconic Italian actor, Franco Nero. For the longest time it was thought that Franco Nero would be starring in Tarantino’s western, which people thought was going to be titled, THE ANGEL, THE BRUTE AND THE WISE. Turns out, Nero is directing his own western with that very title and wants Tarantino to take a part in the film. Nero says that he has a comittment letter from Tarantino, “I made him sign a letter of intent saying that he would do the movie. I am sure that very soon we will do it.”

Then Nero gave some details on the project: “I said ‘Quentin, we are going to do a western. It would be an homage to Sergio Leone and John Huston, the director that discovered me, and would you be so kind to play a cameo?’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah! What do I have to do?’ I said, actually there are three bandits, and I have to kill them all, and he said, ‘oh, great, so I can come with Robert Rodriguez and my friends to play them.’ I said, yeah! That would be great! He said, ‘But how are you going to kill me?’ I said, I’ll tell you—with a shotgun, and inside, instead of having bullets, it will be gold coins. He said, ‘I love it!’”

There is a lot of American interest in the film and Nero hopes that this will boost the financing. Even though there was some confusion in the beginning between both projects, Nero would be more than happy to star in a Tarantino film, “I hope that Quentin will ask me to be in the movie. I would be very happy, of course.”

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Source: Box Office Magazine

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