Rachel Weisz joins The Danish Girl with Nicole Kidman

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Way back in 2009 we reported that Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman were teaming up to star in THE DANISH GIRL, which at the time had director Thomas Alfredson (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN) attached. The film has resurfaced, but Paltrow has been replaced by Rachel Weisz (much better in this writer’s opinion) and Alfredson has been replaced by Lasse Hallstrom (THE CIDER HOUSE RULES). The film is an adaptation of the novel by David Ebershoff and follows the story of the first ever sex-change, Einar Wegenar (Kidman), who decides to transition from male to female due to a love-affair with his wife. Shooting should begin sometime this summer.

This seems like a really interesting story and I’m surprised it has taken so long to get going, especially with Nicole Kidman being attached. Now that she has another Academy Award nomination, I’m sure any film that she is associated with will have no trouble gathering financing like THE DANISH GIRL did.

Rachel Weisz

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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