The Raid 2: Berandal trailer kicks and punches its way online

The Raid 2

I was blown away by THE RAID: REDEMPTION and although I normally profess that movies don’t need sequels, The Raid is such a simple, excellent action movie that it more than deserves as many sequels as director Gareth Evans is willing to make.  First up for Evans is THE RAID 2: BERANDAL and from the first teaser trailer, it looks like we’re picking up right where we left off in the first one, at least in terms of action.

Of course, when it comes to sequels, you have to go bigger and more intense and it looks like Berandal accomplishes that.  While the first one stuck to the building for almost every scene, the second seems to open up the settings a little more and add more characters.  Officially, THE RAID 2: BERANDAL follows Rama (Iko Uwais) as he goes undercover in a ruthless crime syndicate in order to protect his family.  Sounds like exciting stuff.  Check out the trailer below.

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