Ralph Fiennes and Olga Kurylenko to star in Coronet

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

These days, Ralph Fiennes is better known as Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies, but there was a time when Ralph Fiennes was all about long, dramatic romances that always ended tragically (most notably, THE ENGLISH PATIENT).  It looks like he might be back to that genre as he and Olga Kurylenko have signed on to star in the romantic drama, CORONET.  In it, Fiennes will play a graphic designer that moves to Prague and falls in love with his house maid (Kurylenko).  By itself, that doesn’t make for a fascinating film, but somehow I’m thinking that there’s a tragedy or some other event that keeps our lovers apart.

The film will be directed by first timer Temple Clark, who also wrote the screenplay.  Clark was also a part of the films TAMARA DREWE and LONDON BOULEVARD, which are picking up praise at Cannes and other festivals.

Ralph Fiennes and Olga Kurylenko

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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