Ralph Fiennes might learn some Russian for A Month in the Country

Posted by: Zack Bruce

If I had to show you a list of my top five favorite actors, Ralph Fiennes would be there. His performances in everything from SCHINDLER’S LIST to IN BRUGES are nothing short of spectacular. I also fear him because he plays Voldemort. I would lose in a wizarding battle against him, no doubt.

It’s great to hear that Fiennes is in talks to do an adaptation of Ivan Turgenev’s 1872 play A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY. If the actor locks the film he would take the role of, “a suitor to Natalya Petrovna who is married to the older rich landowner, Arkadi Sergeyevich Islayev.” Getting in-touch with his Russian side is nothing new to Fiennes who has walked down this same road when he played the role of Evgeny Onegin in ONEGIN. The only difference is that he may actually have to learn the language for the film.

The project is still in the early stages of development since they are looking for financing help. Hiring someone like Fiennes would most likely secure them whatever amount of money they might need for the film.

Ralph Fiennes

Source: The Playlist

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