Real Steel director Shawn Levy will be directing Frankenstein

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The rumors were true– Shawn Levy will be directing FRANKENSTEIN for Fox.

Originally it was said that John Landis would be the one writing the script for the film but as it turns out his son, John is actually the one penning the screenplay.

FRANKENSTEIN is kind of like a gift for Levy since the studio has been pushing back his pet project, FANTASTIC VOYAGE 3D. Fox is keen on Levy as a director so when it came to finding a helmer for the Frankenstein project they thought it would be a shoe-in. The studio needs someone to work on a tight budget and a specific time frame. This version of the film is said to stay close to Mary Shelley’s original novel.

Currently there are six other films focused on Frankenstein in the works. Fox wanted to get Levy’s version out before the others. I really don’t feel that all of these films will see the light of day so the rush on this project is unnecessary.

Shawn Levy

Source: Variety

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