Reese Witherspoon is set to play Peggy Lee in a new biopic

One drunken outburst aside, Reese Witherspoon seems to be on a good roll as of late. She’s starring in two upcoming films generating Oscar buzz in WILD and THE GOOD LIE and has a small part in Paul Thomas Anderson’s INHERENT VICE. Now the Academy Award winning actress is going back to the music biopic genre that got her the award in the first place. Reese Witherspoon was at TIFF last night and revealed that the long gestating Peggy Lee biopic is back on, this time with Todd Haynes in the director’s chair.

Todd Haynes is all about the music, having directed SUPERSTAR, VELVET GOLDMINE and I’M NOT THERE, so this is right up his alley. He also directed the critically acclaimed HBO miniseries ‘Mildred Pierce’, so a biopic on the late jazz musician Peggy Lee should be right in his wheelhouse.

A biopic on Peggy Lee should buck the conventional trends for music biopics since she didn’t have the roller coaster career and drug addictions that you normally see in movie treatments. She was born in North Dakota and moved to California, where she performed in various nightclubs until she was discovered by Benny Goodman. She went on to write numerous songs, won three Grammys and even got an Oscar nomination. She performed for many years, eventually succumbing to complications from diabetes at 81. (Twitter)

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