Renee Zellweger not in Bridget Jones 3…yet

Posted by: Kristy

Is there even a slight chance that the third Bridget Jones film could move forward without Renee Zellweger?  Well, E! caught up with her and as it turns out, she hasn’t even been approached about a possible third film.  When it was first announced they were moving forward with a third film, it was also stated they would be aiming for a 2010 release.  For those of you without a calendar, it’s now quickly approaching November of 2009 and the film’s leading actress hasn’t even agreed to do play the role.

In the same interview, Renee gave no indication that she even wants to do it and completely shot down rumors she wouldn’t be plumping up for the part like she has the previous two films.  Of course, there’s a real possibility this is a negotiating ploy on Renee’s part to try and get more money, but as of now, she’s not doing it.  However, given her recent trend of lackluster films, she could use another hit.

Renee Zellweger Bridget Jones

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