Rhys Ifans to battle Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the Spider-Man reboot

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Columbia Pictures announced today that Rhys Ifans will be playing the villain in the upcoming SPIDER-MAN reboot from director Marc Webb.  But interestingly enough, they didn’t reveal exactly which villain Ifans will be playing.  I’m not sure what they gained by announcing the actor that will be playing the villain but not announcing the villain, but I don’t understand anything about this reboot to date, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Although a fine actor, I don’t see Garfield as Peter Parker.  Although a beautiful redhead, I don’t see Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy.  Although he did a good job with 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, I don’t see how Marc Webb is ready for a summer blockbuster like SPIDER-MAN.  So just chalk this up to the list of things that don’t fit with this Spidey reboot.

Although they didn’t announce which villain he’d be playing, my guess (based on my limited knowledge of Spider-Man comics) is that he’ll be playing Vulture.  He seems to have that lanky build that Vulture had.  I don’t see him as Venom and they said they wanted to do something new, so that leaves out the Goblins, Dr. Octopus and The Sandman.  Sooner or later, someone will leak who he’ll be playing and we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Rhys Ifans

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