Richard Gere and Topher Grace see The Double

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Richard Gere and Topher Grace will be starring in the espionage film THE DOUBLE for director Michael Brandt.  Gere will play a retired CIA agent that’s pulled out of retirement when a Senator is murdered by an infamous Russian assassin that was believed to be dead.  He and a younger agent (Grace) have to team up to track down the killer.  This will mark the directorial debut for Brandt, who has previously written the scripts for 3:10 TO YUMA and WANTED.

Richard Gere and Topher Grace in spy roles seems kind of odd to me.  Maybe not so much for Gere, but Topher Grace as a CIA agent just doesn’t sound right.  Of course, I say that before seeing him in PREDATORS, which might change my mind.  Filming on THE DOUBLE starts in June.

Richard Gere and Topher Grace

Source: Variety

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