Ridley Scott talks more on Prometheus and the Alien connection

Posted by: Zack Bruce

The mystery around PROMETHEUS is one of the biggest qualities luring me in for the film. Well that and Ridley Scott directing the film. The ALIEN franchise is one of the best in sci-fi of all-time so any derivative of that is an exciting event.

Scott recently offered more on the film to give a better look at what we have ahead of us. The main metaphor of the film deals with a higher being challenging the Gods after they take refuse the element of fire to him. This parallels the mythology behind the actual Prometheus who stole fire from Zeus and in return as his punishment was bound to a rock with a eagle to forever eat at his liver. Gruesome, right? Scott is also very excited about the script written by Damon Lindelof since it’s the first one in the sci-fi genre to actually create some spark for him.

While Scott is going to use 3D and CGI, he will not rely on them. It was important to the director to actually get back to a more realistic approach and in doing so built a lot of “the real thing”. Also, the only connection he gave between the original ALIEN franchise and this new film was that within the last eight minutes the story will evolve into a “pretty good DNA of the first”. To end on a sad note there will be no return for Sigourney Weaver. Not that it was expected being a sort of prequel and all.

Ridley Scott

Source: WSJ

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