Rob Letterman to direct Taylor Lautner in Stretch Armstrong

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

The news has been kind of quiet on STRETCH ARMSTRONG for a few months.  When the news broke, Universal Pictures made it sound like this was going to be fast tracked and it was the most exciting thing ever.  Then star Taylor Lautner took on several other roles and this one faded away.  Maybe the project will get a kick start now that they’ve hired Rob Letterman (MONSTERS VS ALIENS) to direct.  He’ll be re-teaming with Nicholas Stoller, who will be rewriting the Armstrong script.  They most recently worked on the upcoming GULLIVER’S TRAVELS and Stoller directed FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.

This news tells me that STRETCH ARMSTRONG is going to be more of a comedy than a straight up action film.  I guess I can’t really see any other way to make a movie about a rubber man that stretches than to make it funny.  We still don’t have a start date and since it was just announced that they’re rewriting the script, I’m guessing we’re a few months away from more casting news and filming locations.

Taylor Lautner is Stretch Armstrong

Source: Deadline

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