Rob Schneider, Ken Jeong and Loretta Devine lend their voices to Norm of the North

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Today must be “unfunny comedians get work” day after Richard Lewis joined VAMPS and now Rob Schneider signs on to do the voice of the title character in NORM OF THE NORTH.  The film follows on the environmental friendly heels of HAPPY FEET about a polar bear that ends up in New York City with his three buddies after his home melts away.  Ken Jeong and Loretta Divine will supposedly voice two of Norm’s friends.  Anthony Bell will be directing the animated film, marking his follow-up effort to the forgettable ALPHA AND OMEGA.

I actually liked Schneider on SNL where he was a bit player to funnier comedians like Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Mike Meyers and others.  But as a featured star on his own, I can’t stomach him.  With that said, I am curious about his new stand-up tour and his new CD.  I love stand-up comedy CD’s and I’m always looking for another to add to my collection.

polar bear

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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