Robert De Niro looking to play George Wallace in Lee Daniel’s Selma

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

In an article that was really about Robert De Niro’s long running relationship with two different agencies (CAA and WME), it was slipped that Robert De Niro will be playing George Wallace in Lee Daniel’s upcoming film SELMA.  Wallace, as you may recall from your history classes, was the lone politician that refused to acknowledge desegregation and rights for blacks during the Civil Rights movement.  His stance prompted many marches and protests by Dr. Martin Luther King and the film will presumably focus on his movement from Mobile to Selma Alabama.

On a side note; have you ever noticed how little information we actually know about Robert De Niro as a person?  I feel like we know everything about today’s stars, but De Niro, Pacino and others manage to remain quiet.  De Niro is going through a messy relationship with his agents right now and that’s about as public as De Niro gets.

Robert DeNiro to play George Wallace

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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