Robert Downey, Jr. backs out of Gravity

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Robert Downey, Jr. has officially left the Alfonso Cuaron thriller entitled GRAVITY and is now looking to star in the film HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS.  HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS is based on a book by the same name that was written by a nine year old, Alec Greven, who gives advice on women (really?). RDJ not only wants to star in the film but wants to co-produce with his wife and Shawn Levy.  Like we said, this is still in the negotiation stage and nothing has been confirmed but he has indeed backed out of the Cuaron film which may star Sandra Bullock (seriously, nobody wants to commit to anything right now).

RDJ continues to pick good roles and excel at them.  Although I would love to see him in a thriller I think he’s really good at comedy as proven in the somewhat successful DUE DATE and I’m very excited to see him reprise his role as Detective Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming sequel.

Robert Downey Jr

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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