Robert Downey Jr. bringing Perry Mason to the big screen

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

As much as I love Robert Downey Jr. in his big tentpole movies like IRON MAN and SHERLOCK HOLMES, I’d like the guy to go back and do an indie film or two, to really showcase his acting talent.  Yes, he’s charismatic and likeable, but he’s also talented and these big movies don’t always bring that out.  But it looks like he’s set to get another franchise off the ground as RDJ is teaming up with Warner Brothers to bring the classic television show ‘Perry Mason’ to the big screen.  There’s no word on whether the movie will focus on the early TV shows or the original books by Warren Williams.  We do know that it will be set in the 1930’s and will feature all of the beloved characters from the original books/shows, including Della Street, Paul Drake and Hamilton Burger.

And given how early it is, no director is attached at this point.  The real question is whether they’ll turn this into an action movie or keep more legal/drama-centric.  Hopefully the latter as I can’t imagine a defense attorney running around getting into fights.  Right now, Downey is set to produce the film and picked it up as a potential star vehicle, but has not “officially” announced he’ll be playing Perry Mason.

Robert Downey Jr.

Source: Variety

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