Robert Downey, Jr. to lend voice talents to Peabody and Sherman in 3D

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

No doubt about it that Robert Downey, Jr. is a great actor, but you know what? He has a pretty good voice too and if you haven’t seen the Planter’s commercials where he voices the Peanut Guy, well you may not be watching enough television. Now that we (as in I) have established that RDJ can do anything including awesome voice work, is it any surprise that he’s been pegged for an animated full length feature? I think not.  DreamWorks Animation is in the process of bringing the cartoon PEABODY AND SHERMAN to the big screen.  Those of us old enough to remember the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show on Saturday mornings may recall the short about the genius dog and his boy companion. RDJ will voice Peabody, who is the brilliant dog but no word on who will voice Sherman.

So the big news? PEABODY AND SHERMAN will be shot in 3D (not really big news anymore), bad news? This film is in the early, early development stages and won’t be ready until 2014.  That gives you enough time to get psyched for it, I guess.

Peabody and Sherman

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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