Robert Downey Jr. to star in Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Robert Downey Jr. is on the hunt for a project to work on while he waits to shoot SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 in the fall.  If Alfonso Cuaron gets his way, that project will be his science fiction film GRAVITY.  RDJ is in talks to star in the 3D space film as a leader of a space station team who along with a female colleague, are the lone survivors of an exploding satellite.  Cuaron wrote the script with his son, Jonas.

The idea sounds great, but it also sounds a little like the upcoming science fiction film that Keanu Reeves signed on for, PASSENGERS. That film has a different story of course, but the same idea in that a male and a female are alone in space.  I’m interested in both films, but Alfonso Cuaron and Robert Downey Jr. together sounds like a great team and an exciting project.

Robert Downey Jr

Source: Deadline New York

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