Robert Pattinson accepts Mission: Blacklist in the first promo poster for the film

Twi-hards everywhere were excited when Robert Pattinson finally announced that his next role would be as a master interrogator in the film MISSION: BLACKLIST.  But as excited as everyone was, now comes the time to get down to business and find someone that will actually pay to make the film.  So to aid them in their efforts, the filmmakers came up with the promo poster below that shows off the dreamy eyes of Robert Pattinson along with the mysterious tagline”in a world of lies, only one man could see the truth”.  If that doesn’t make you want to plop down millions of dollars, then I don’t know what will.

The film will be based on the true story ‘Mission: Blacklist #1′ that was written by Eric Maddox, who wrote the book based off his own experiences (and will be played by Robert Pattinson in the film) as a military interrogator who hunted down Saddam Hussein.  The movie will focus on the events leading up to Saddam’s eventual capture in Tikrit.  The screenplay will be written by ‘Band of Brothers’ veteran Erik Jendresen, who along with Robert Pattinson, should be enough to at least get the film off the ground.

But whether or not the film gets made/sold will largely depend on the performance and critical reaction to another Robert Pattinson film, COSMOPOLIS.  I imagine studio executives are anxious to see if Robert Pattinson can completely break free from his Twilight days and carry an adult-oriented drama.  If his performance in COSMOPOLIS is as great as the first few trailers would have us believe, then this should be a no-brainer for any studio.  The risk, of course, is that this won’t come out until long after the last Twilight movie opens up, so any studio will have to be confident in the acting abilities of Robert Pattinson. (MTV)

Robert Pattinson on the Mission: Blacklist poster

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