Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce will team up for The Rover

Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce

Robert Pattinson is a super busy guy this year, actually he’s very popular this week in general. Robert Pattinson is the lead in David Cronenberg’s upcoming thriller COSMOPOLIS, yesterday he signed onto star in the war film MISSION: BLACKLIST and now he’s joining Guy Pearce for THE ROVER which will be directed by David Michod (Animal Kingdom). These are all very different roles from his TWILIGHT adventure, but it’ll be nice to see Robert Pattinson branch out into more thriller/drama driven characters that don’t sparkle in the sunlight.

THE ROVER will be written and directed by David Michod and is based on an idea conceived with Joel Edgerton. The story will be set in the somewhat near-future and will follow a man who journeys across the Australian outback in search of his stolen car which contains something very valuable to him. Robert Pattinson will play Reynolds (who may be the man with the stolen car), but there’s no word on who Guy Pearce will portray.  Shooting should start sometime this fall with no set release date yet.

I have to give credit to Robert Pattinson for really stepping out of the box with these two new roles. He may just break away from that teen heartthrob moniker he’s been carrying around for the last couple of years. I’m slowly beginning to think that Robert Pattinson will have the career longevity that I originally put onto his TWILIGHT co-star Taylor Lautner. No doubt Robert Pattinson is choosing better roles than Lautner, and hopefully he’ll knock these films out of the park and continue to get meaty roles. Plus he’s surrounding himself with great talent like Guy Pearce, so if he seems to be struggling maybe some of Pearce’s talent will rub off on Robert Pattinson. Every little bit helps in this business. (Deadline)

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