Robert Pattinson fans force Emma Roberts off Twitter for being Team Jacob

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

When giving the news stories of the day, we here at like to throw in a couple of opinions here and there to spice up otherwise boring news.  So with that in mind, I can’t help myself but to jump on a soapbox after reading the backlash Emma Roberts has received after here stint on The Tonight Show on Tuesday.  The gist of it is that she appeared on the show with Robert Pattinson and when Leno asked her if she was Team Jacob or Team Edward, she responded “Team Jacob” and that’s when it all started.  Patty fans slammed her all over the internet, some even sending in physical threats.  So poor Emma closed her Twitter account and has probably spent her entire paycheck from VALENTINE’S DAY on upgrading her security.

Emma Roberts and Robert Pattinson

Now, here’s where the line between reality and movies gets crossed between deranged fans.  Even though I don’t like the films, I think the Team Edward, Team Jacob thing is pretty fun.  It’s fine to debate it and insult the merits of each character on the internet, but to actually take that dislike and turn it into hatred towards another human being just doesn’t make sense to me.  How can someone’s love of a fictional character inspire so much hatred?  To make matters worse, Roberts didn’t even insult “Team Edward”, she was just joking with Pattinson since he happened to be right there.

Sometimes you read this stuff and it makes you scratch your head.  It’s just a book/movie, folks.  Watch the video down below for what actually went down.  Oh, and in case  you’ve forgotten, TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE comes out on June 30th.

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