Robert Pattinson wants to portray Jeff Buckley in upcoming biopic

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Apparently Robert Pattinson has approached producers about starring in an upcoming biopic of the late singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley. He’s not the only actor who has approached the producers/studios, other actors that have been linked are James Franco and James Marsden.  According to Michelle Sy:

I’ve met actors who are keen on the part and Robert was one… The actor must be able to play music and sing, or at least make it believable he can do that.

Jeff Buckley was an American singer/songwriter who only released one album called “Grace”. He died tragically during the recording of his second album when he went for a swim in the Wolf River while waiting for his band mates to arrive in New York. He drowned when his body was caught in a wake of a passing boat.

I don’t know anything about Jeff Buckley aside from his rendition of Hallelujah, and I haven’t heard anything until just now about a biopic of him so I guess we should all be on the lookout.  If Bob Patty gets this gig, I wonder how all of his fans will handle this story’s tragic ending?

Robert Pattinson and Jeff Buckley

Source: LFP Press

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