Robert Pattinson will make women swoon in these new images from Bel Ami

Posted by: Zack Bruce

This may not come as a big shock to you but I am not a massive fan of Robert Pattinson. He has yet to show me any facet of his alleged worthiness. I get why teenage girls and moms love him. Honestly, I’m all for giving him a chance when he actually makes something and pulls off a performance that isn’t so flat.

Enough of that though, I know you ladies don’t want to hear about how sub-par I think that Pattinson is. So let’s not focus on the negative and get to the positive. New photos from Pattison’s next film, BEL AMI are now online and they are steamy. Did I just say steamy? Anyway, it’s basically several pics of the actor with a couple of different ladies in a firm embrace, well, make that a really firm embrace. I mean, he does play a male prostitute.

Bel Ami photo

Bel Ami photo 2

Bel Ami photo 3

Bel Ami photo 4

Bel Ami photo 5

Source: Movieline

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