Robert Redford completes cast for The Conspirator

Posted by: Sturdy

Robert Redford’s drama about the events following the assassination of President Lincoln has compiled a very impressive cast.  The film, titled THE CONSPIRATOR, stars Robin Wright Penn as Mary Surrat, who was charged in the conspiracy and James McAvoy as Frederick Aiken, the lawyer assigned to defend her.  Joining McAvoy and Wright Penn in the movie are Evan Rachel Wood as Surrat’s daughter, Justin Long as Aiken’s friend and Tom Wilkinson as Aiken’s mentor.  Below is the first picture from the set.

Until now, the film was most famous for conflicting with Steven Spielberg’s planned biopic on the life of the 16th President of the United States.  But recently Spielberg assured fans that this film would not conflict with his, which has yet to start production.

Mcavoy the conspirator

Source: Variety and The Hollywood Reporter.  Photo from The Playlist

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