Robert Redford shines in the trailer for All Is Lost

Robert Redford in All is Lost trailer

The movie that probably enjoyed the highest praise from the Cannes Film Festival was J.C. Chandor’s drama ALL IS LOST. The film features Robert Redford as a man that gets shipwrecked at sea and suffers through a series of unfortunate turns. The trailer is surprisingly simple and there’s hardly any dialogue since the movie is centered around Redford’s character alone at sea, but it might be one of the most intense trailers you’ll watch all year. The word “intense” seemed to be the consensus description of the film at Cannes and this trailer proves it.

The exciting thing for me is to see Robert Redford really attack a role again. He’s been fine in some of his recent films, but I consider him one of the greatest actors of his generation and it’s great to have him back in a meaty role. It will be interesting to see if the Academy takes notice. The film opens everywhere on October 18th.

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