Robert Rodriguez in talks to direct Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Over the weekend, the interesting nugget was dropped that Robert Rodriguez is in negotiations with Fox to direct the infamous DEADPOOL spin-off that has been planned for over a year now.  Everyone involved with the project is being unusually tight-lipped about it, but the one thing we do know for sure is that Rodriguez has been sent the script for DEADPOOL, which was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who also wrote ZOMBIELAND). However, all signs are pointing to a deal being worked out and Rodriquez taking on the project as director.

I sometimes draw the ire of fanboys everywhere because I refuse to drool over Robert Rodriguez.  I tend to draw comparisons with him and Kevin Smith in that their first few projects were impressive and fun to watch with the little budget they had to work with, but all of their recent projects have been disappointments.  With that said, Rodriquez specializes in snappy one-liners and over the top gore, which is exactly what DEADPOOL needs.  So it kind of seems like a perfect match.  The real question is whether or not Ryan Reynolds will return to the film and whether or not they even need him to actually appear as himself.  His face is supposed to be disfigured, so really they could get an unknown stunt actor to play Deadpool and just have Reynolds do the voice.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Source: LA Times

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