Robert Rodriguez takes over on Heavy Metal project and gets fans involved

Posted by: Zack Bruce

It seems as though Robert Rodriguez has taken full control of a re-imagining of HEAVY METAL. For the longest time, David Fincher was attached, but that isn’t the case now.

Rodriguez announced that he has picked up the rights and will be working with Kevin Eastman, who may know best as the creator of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Turns out Eastman has owned Heavy Metal magazine for awhile. During the panel, Eastman and Rodriguez spoke on how the project would come full circle as a large scale media project and animated film. Fans will be able to contribute stories, characters, and illustrations that if chosen will be used in part of the film. Pretty cool, huh? To submit ideas, drop them here.

Here is what Rodriguez had to say on the project:

“I recently acquired the rights to Heavy Metal to make a large-scale media project and an animated film. I’ve always been a fan of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal magazine. I think one of the ideas I always believed in, is international artists coming together to show their best work. And when I ask other fans what they think, they all want to work on it. So I thought it would be really cool if everyone got the chance.”

“So what I’m doing with this website is having you submit ideas for stories, characters, or worlds that we can use in these projects or in the animated film. In any which way you can put together: written out, drawn, maybe even shot. You know, the more you can do to get the idea across, the better because I’d really like to make this a collaborative effort.”

“Some of the stories we’re working on already, but I’m leaving a slot open for the audience who has been so good to Heavy Metal and who has always believed in Heavy Metal and what it could be. And I think it would be great if we all participated together and made this the best version of Heavy Metal that ever existed. So I hope you can join us for…Heavy Metal.”

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Source: SuperHeroHype

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