Robert Zemeckis is going to show us How To Survive a Garden Gnome Attack, seriously

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Oh Robert Zemeckis, you just won’t give up on your CGI dreams, will you? It’s been reported that Robert Zemeckis has picked his next project (in which he will produce) to be based on the novel “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack” by Chuck Sambucino. The producer of MARS NEEDS MOMS and director of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and BEOWULF has optioned this book on how to survive a potential impending attack from your harmless ceramic gnomes. The project will be set up at Sony Pictures Animation, so you know there will be a fair amount of CGI somewhere in there. We can only hope that the whole thing isn’t the creepy sort of animation he usually does. No word on when this will get started, but it will most likely be a kiddie type film.

Last month we learned that Zemeckis’ reboot of YELLOW SUBMARINE sunk and wasn’t going forward, I was hoping he would do a real-life project, with real-life actors next but it looks like that just won’t happen. Sigh.

Robert Zmeckis

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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