Robert Zemeckis may remake Wizard of Oz

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

I’m horrified and heartbroken to announced that Warner Bros. studios is planning on remaking the classic MGM film WIZARD OF OZ.  And not only are they planning on remaking it, but they are choosing the stop-motion obsessed director Robert Zemeckis to film it. This makes me sad in a way that I can’t even explain especially since I’m from Kansas, and really, one of the only things we have going for us is the WIZARD OF OZ.  The only positive news I have is that Zemeckis will be doing a live version of the film (thank goodness, that stop-motion stuff is getting old) and will be basing the movie on the 1939 script.

I know Robert Zemeckis has given us great films like: CASTAWAY, FORREST GUMP, WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT and BACK TO THE FUTURE, but he would not be my first choice in directors.  But to be honest, this is one of those classics that I don’t think need to be remade at all.

UPDATE: We have just found out that Robert Zemeckis has denied all rumors that he was going to remake the WIZARD OF OZ.  He will instead be concentrating on his remake of YELLOW SUBMARINE.  I’m truly thankful we dodged that bullet-I only hope some other director doesn’t think they are good enough to try and remake this movie.

Robert Zemeckis and Wizard of Oz

Source: Deadline

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