Robert Zemeckis' reboot of The Beatles Yellow Submarine has been cancelled

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Disney has pulled the plug on the reboot of the 1968 Beatles film YELLOW SUBMARINE which was going to be Robert Zemeckis’ next project. I think I may hear a collective sigh of relief coming from all sides. There are no confirmations as to why the project has been canceled, but there is some speculation that since Zemeckis’ latest project MARS NEEDS MOMS (which Zemeckis produced) may have been the deciding factor, as it only grossed around $7 million this past opening weekend and was pretty much trashed by critics. Disney has denied that this was the reason and has stated that this decision has been trickling down the pipeline for months.  There had been a couple of actors who were circling the roles last year (specifically Carey Elwes, Adam Campbell, Dean Lennox Kelly and Peter Serafinowicz) so if anything this sucks for them. There is still a chance that another studio could pick this up, but right now it’s dead in the water.

I wish I could say that I’m sad about this news, but I’m just not. This was to be another one of Zemeckis’ creepy animated features and those have really not been doing well as of late. I honestly think it’s about time they stick that technology on the shelf for a few years because not many people like it.

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