Robin Williams: 1951 – 2014

Robin Williams 1951 - 2014

Comedy legend Robin Williams died today at the age of 63. The exact cause of death is being investigated, but early reports are saying Robin Williams may have taken his own life due to asphyxia. The actor had been struggling with depression for several years, which he openly talked about in interviews. He also had a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Regardless of what comes out of the cause of death, there’s no denying Robin Williams had an incredible career as an entertainer. I grew up watching old ‘Mork and Mindy’ reruns after school and anyone that was alive in 1993 remembers the success of MRS. DOUBTFIRE. Personally, I always liked the roles where he blended comedy and drama, in movies like GOOD MORNING VIETNAM and DEAD POETS SOCIETY. And of course, his unforgettable voice work as Genie in ALADDIN and his Oscar winning role in GOOD WILL HUNTING are probably his crowning achievements.

There are a lot of thoughts with news like this and it hits me personally since I just recently lost a friend to suicide. Suicide brings up a lot of opinions from people and hopefully the death of Robin Williams will get people talking about it, along with depression. In the meantime, we can celebrate the career of an amazingly talented comedian and actor. (CNN)

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