Robocop's Peter Weller will be joining Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto for Star Trek 2

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Peter Weller is a pretty standup guy, so I think anything good that comes his way is well deserved. The last thing I saw him in was as Stan Liddy on Dexter. He was great on the show and I’ve been hoping to see him in a project equally as good.

Luckily, J.J. Abrams has picked up the actor for STAR TREK 2. There are no details on what the role will be. All we have so far is that he will definitely be in the film. We do know that Benicio Del Toro will not be playing Khan. Abrams himself has spoken out against the rumor saying, “Not true.” Apparently he was quite forward with that statement and seemed pretty firm on the matter. So for now, no Khan.

Alice Eve (SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) recently joined the cast as well in another unidentified role. Paramount is due to release the sequel on May 17, 2013.

Peter Weller

Source: Deadline

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