Ron Howard takes over as director on formula one racing film, Rush

Posted by: Zack Bruce

RUSH was originally being shopped as a Formula One film with Paul Greengrass as the helmer, but now he has stepped off to do other projects. Taking the place of Greengrass will be Ron Howard who will be reuniting with his FROST/NIXON screenwriter Peter Morgan.

Morgan has penned the script about, “a 1970s F1 rivalry between the late playboy British driver James Hunt and his nemesis, Austrian champion Niki Lauda.” It will shoot sometime this year in Europe with a budget that could be as high as $50 million.

The LA Times provided a little background on the rivalry for those who maynot be too familiar with the world and history of Formula One racing: “Lauda and Hunt would make compelling movie subjects. Archrivals who dominated their sport in the 1970s, their most storied square-off came in 1976, when Ferrari’s Lauda went out in middle of the season after suffering a serious injury. That allowed McLaren’s Hunt, who had lagged behind Lauda, to make up ground and eventually eke out a season win.”

“Adding to the rivalry: the pair were opposites both on and off the track. Hunt was known for dining with his dog at high-end London restaurants and for a general club and party lifestyle. Lauda led a more hard-luck life, contemplating suicide at one early point in his career and suffering the 1976 accident that burned a considerable portion of his face. His post-race career has nonetheless been fruitful: He’s founded two airlines and for a time managed a Formula 1 team. (Hunt, who after retirement did racing commentary for the BBC, died in 1993.)”

Sounds great except for the fact that it pushes THE DARK TOWER even further back, if it gets made at all.

Ron Howard

Source: LA Times

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