Rooney Mara will not take a role in Spike Lee's Oldboy remake

Posted by: Zack Bruce

OLDBOY is high on the list of pointless remakes that Hollywood feels the need to crank out. I don’t get why you would try to make another version of OLDBOY seeing that it’s already a great film. It’s one of those that doesn’t need the American touch added to it.

Plus Spike Lee is the director. I’m sorry but he is not a good fit. Someone like David Fincher would be more pleasing if one really had to choose someone else to do the remake. Josh Brolin is the only actor so far attached to star. There were rumors that Rooney Mara would be the female lead but it looks like she has decided to pass. There was no reason given but it’s really for the best. Well, at least I think so anyway.

This remake has been through several different directors and actors. For now, Brolin and Lee are the only ones on board.

Rooney Mara

Source: Twitter

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