Rosario Dawson will join Chris Pine and Channing Tatum in Ten Year

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Rosario Dawson and Lilly Collins are the two latest actresses to join the ensemble cast for the upcoming film TEN YEAR.  The film follows a group of friends who get together at their high school reunion and is the first project of director Jamie Linden (who also wrote WE ARE MARSHALL).  The cast is shaping up and includes such as actors as: Chris Pine, Channing Tatum, Anthony Mackie, Justin Long, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt and Jenna Dewan.  No word on when filming will begin or when the film is set for release.

Reunion movies can be fun and this cast looks pretty good which may give us a pretty decent flick with hopefully a lot of laughs. Channing Tatum is really coming into his own as an actor and I’ve almost forgotten his stiff performance in this past year’s film DEAR JOHN.  But really I shouldn’t blame all of that film on him, the story was kinda lame too.

Rosario Dawson

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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